"Abstract Kiss"

Press Release

Rule is a rule until broken. Borrowed Paths, Broken Rules seeks the locus of abstract art today, and finds it on the periphery. Artists straddle once clear lines, experimenting through gesture, testing surface, pushing the boundaries of form. We find the abstract where we may not expect to, sprouting in the beds of other isms. From diverse histories, artists plot new paths, mapping abstraction’s journey.

Curated by George Sferra, Josh Young, Evan Peelle, and Jonah Emerson-Bell.

More info at Gowanusballroom.com and on Facebook.

Public viewings
Saturday, July 25th 2pm–Midnight
Sunday, July 26th, 12 noon–6pm
Saturday, August 1st, 2pm–Midnight

Private viewing by appointment only Friday, July 31st, 7pm–Midnight